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Why coaching?

I would like to help others achieve their sporting dreams by sharing the wealth of experience I have accumulated competing at the elite level in cycling and triathlon. As a fully-able triathlete I won over ten State championships, two National titles as a paratriathlete, one Oceania paratriathlon title, one world duathlon championship and two course records in Ironman 70.3 events. My annual calendar includes competitions in South Australia, interstate and overseas. Each race requires a particular preparation and strategy before and during the event. I have been trained by and in contact with High Performance coaches, professional athletes and staff working at the Australian Institute of Sports. The conversations and advice I have received over the years have shaped the athlete I am today. It is those lessons that I would like to share as a coach now.

Coaching philosophy: Happiness is the key!

Nothing beats the feeling of completing an event, crossing that finish line and being satisfied with your performance. The sense of achievement is motivating and, in an instant, makes ALL the efforts worthwhile. And you want more of it! It is important to me that my athletes feel happy and draw satisfaction from their daily training schedule and race performance. My coaching programs are individualised, specific but also holistic to consider commitments outside the sport such as work, family, social and personal times.

I like to keep the training sets simple such that:

  1. They are easy to follow;
  2. They focus on quality over quantity , e.g. technique, threshold, hills, spin, strength;
  3. They allow a better assessment of the training output, e.g. performance, fatigue, soreness;
  4. They guide any adjustments to the program.

While technology can assist, my methods do NOT require the latest equipment or gadgets. I provide an indication on the intensity of the sessions or sets, a time estimate and/or pace appropriate to the person’s fitness level and available equipment.


I offer coaching to triathletes of all levels but also anyone in a single sport such as swimming, cycling and running, whether you would like to prepare for the annual jetty-to-jetty swim, a fun run or a marathon. I can also coach people who would like to improve their general fitness to play in team sports.

Whether your goal is to participate in a short distance or a long distance event, my programs include a combination of both endurance and speed sessions. Over time, I have learned the right balance between the two aspects of the sport to enable efficient and injury-free progress.

Building fitness and confidence

With limitations from my disability and a full-time job which often keeps me under pressure, I pay more attention to the length and intensity of the trainings, their frequency and the recovery. My body can have unpredictable reactions at times which can pin me down to bed for days or over a week. It is in those moments that I have learned the most, reflecting on the reasons which led to such situations. Despite setbacks, I have gained the knowledge and ability to bounce back, knowing how to resume training, how much to do, how often, when to do it, what to eat and what to expect. I have developed many ways of measuring my progress through trainings, recognising when to slow down and when to intensify. These experiences give me the confidence to guide others in reaching their sporting goals and, in turn, help them develop confidence in their abilities.

Structured preparation

Having a structured program enables both physical and mental adaptation to the training requirements. My coaching covers all aspects of the sport. In addition to a monthly training program, ALL my athletes benefit from:

  1. Regular fitness tests;
  2. Technique correction advice;
  3. Sport nutrition advice;
  4. Recovery advice;
  5. Event planning and race strategy advice.

One-on-one or group sessions can be organised for video technique analysis, Functional-Threshold-Power (FTP) test, swim and run tests. Please see the table below for the structure of my coaching services or download a flyer.

I would like to lead you in the right direction and help you enjoy the process, the transformation and the results. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Tony Scoleri

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